Friday, November 26, 2010

Majutsu No Niwa ( 魔術の庭 ) - At The End Of Summer (2008)

| Psychedelic Rock | Noise Rock |

It's been a quiet long time since I've last listened to Majutsu's debut, and it didn't fail to impress me over once again. Recorded live, taking two months of concerts and summarizing it into 8 tracks, At the End of Summer is a soulful follow up to the Overhang Party's legacy. It kicks in in a punk-noise feeling, with shredding guitars and cymbal rushes everywhere. The good humor, freedom of spirit and connection within the band members says one more thing besides "Hey, we're doing great shit here", it's that Majutsu No Niwa came to stay. Which, fortunately, is a great thing for us.

At The End Of Summer is far more than just a promising debut. It's a big kaleidoscope of the band's imagination. It has its punk moments (as in the opener "Magikal Garden"), its melodic pieces ("Grand Okeanos"), and even hard rocking ones ("Desolate Seashore- At The End Of Summer"). All, of course, with that pour of Psychedelic-Noise Rock that everyone loves and that makes it so special. A great debut, may the next great albums come in!
Funny Fact: "Whither" seems funnily similar to a song I bet everyone will recognize.

Catalog: TRCD-MA004 (There)
Download (320kbps)