Thursday, December 2, 2010

FFA474 Orange - Cosmic Collisions (2010)

| Electronica | Noise | Ambient |

Independent music never sounded so fresh. New ideas flow, and old ideas are recycled. Truth is, no matter how rushed a musical genre may be, it never fails to surprise and be inspiring once again. FFA474 Orange, F.O for short, is one of those artists that sound nothing but 'fresh'. It's nostalgic in a perfect dose and comes with new views of old moves and old use of new and meaningful musical ideas. In a certain manner, this album is simple. It doesn't seem that pieces were put together, but it's as if they were thrown into each other. It takes a little bit of randomness to simulate the randomness that is the universe and make it collide into itself. But, still, it moves in a predictably way. Perhaps not in fact "predictably", but it's like your mind could feel it. And follow its path.

I don't even know what the fuck I'm talking about up there, but this music is great. Nostalgic like old sci-fi, abstract like a telescopic picture of a black hole. It bends in and out with a antagonistic blend of noise and ambient that we all like so much. Try it, and let yourself be 'sucked into' it.

Catalog: VB-32 (Velvet Blue Records)
Download (320kbps)

Gay Vomit Sex - A Primer On Illegalism (2010)

| Harsh Noise|

A follow up to Antithesis, this album leads GVS back into the funny territory it previously explored within noise music. Adorned with samples that vary from ironic to simply idiotic, this little (only 13min long) EP is remarkably full of quality. A quality not simply found anywhere else, but one that's funnily hateful and lovely disturbing. An amazing harsh noise collection, with a perfect pitch of sarcasm and boredom. I mean, inspiration. THIS is Gay Vomit Sex.

Dedicated to Michel Foucault.

Catalog: VB-33 (Velvet Blue Records)
Download (320kbps)