Monday, May 10, 2010

Otomo Yoshihide ( 大友良英 ) - The Night Before The Death Of The Sampling Virus (1993)

| Experimental Electronics | Noise | Glitch |

If I had only a few words to describe this album, it'd be "random experimental electronics". On the liner note, it's written: "Application. Contained here is a total of 77 viruses. When you play this CD, you should be sure to utilize your CD player to it's maximum ability. This may be to set it on random play mode to shuffle its contents, or to adjust a given track on repeat mode and play it over and over, or to listen to it on fastforwarding... All ideas are acceptable. What is important to remember is that the user is the one to decide how they are to be utilized. And, of course, how they are to be executed (killed). Playing this CD through as regular music may cause the virus to perish or change in quality." As it's been said, the objective in here is to make the music as random as possible, as this factor is important for the enjoyment. The music consists of 77 short tracks of electronic work - including lots of vocal works (most of them delivered by Yamatsuka Eye and Tenko) -, which spawns from simple collage of samples from television advertisements (a characteristic in most of Otomo's works, and as seen in Ground-Zero), some "standard" Glitch music and, as expected, some Noise tracks. Overall, it's a very, very interesting album. Also, the songs are funnily titled with the name of big corps: Nintendo, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Sony, Sega, Toshiba, and a bunch of others.

Catalog: XCD 024 (Extreme)
Download (192kbps)

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