Monday, September 7, 2009

Enno Velthuys - Different Places (1987)

| Ambient | Synth-Electronic |

Continuing with Enno's discography (for the previous releases, check out here), Different Places is Enno Velthuys last work, and It do not sound disappointing in any way. Though it's being clearly inclined more on Synth-Electronic than Ambient, It still holds his brilliant style. This is, with no doubt, one of his best (just after "A Glimpse of Light").

This album rolls in a better mood than on "A glimpse of Light". It starts with the nice "To Dance With You", and though it continues good throughout the end, the "Morning Tears"-"Crystal River"-"Shape Of Light"-"Empty Streets" section is the best of the album. It's the more ambient and gloomy part also. The track "Siberia" recalls "Discovery" (from "A glimpse of Light"), and though it isn't a travel by the giant universe, traveling by the lonely Ice Age has its beautiful side.

Catalog: EA026 (Exart Cassettes)

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