Wednesday, January 20, 2010

akaaka - Transitional (A Mutagenic Ambient Experience) (2010)

| Ambient | Electronica | Drone |

Transitional is the follow-up of Life≤ - by the Brazillian musician, Lucas Aka - and while it feels a lot less psychedelic and the sound goes pretty much more straight, the album overall is much more consistent. The whole album keeps the same atmosphere - despite feeling kind of dark at some points -, and not a single song feels out of place or incongruous. Also, it feels more melancholic than the previous works. The perfect soundtrack for a sad day. This is how a perfect Ambient album should sound like.

While Transitional doesn't really relies on separate songs - but as the whole structure -, it has some great moments. The album opener and the follower, Tautomerism and Depurination, are one of the most interesting tracks in it, full of catchy percussion and delicate synths. Insertions is maybe the most psychedelic track, a real ambient trip, and Transversion is maybe the most well-crafted - and maybe the darkest. In overall, the whole album is amazing and I must admit - this one is one of the bests Ambient albums I've ever heard.

Catalog: VB-09 (Velvet Blue Records)

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