Friday, January 8, 2010

High Rise - Desperado (1998)

| Psychedelic Rock | Noise Rock | Garage Rock |

Desperado is one of the few studio records by the group headed by Asahito Nanjo. To a group that works basicaly live, this studio album sounds as great as it could - it really captures the 'live-gig' feeling. Besides, Desperado is one of High Rise's most ecletic records. While albums like Durophet were basically noise rock and Dispersion were purely psychedelic, Desperado gathers the best of both styles and mix it into one of their best albums.

The album opens up with a screaming-guitar short track, Git, before entering into a fast-noise-freak song in high Rise's best way, the title track - Desperado. The albums best song follows up - Right On. 12 fucking minutes of pure loud rock and instrumental destruction. After it, the record enters into a psychedelic-garage rock medley. Flam, which starts with a hugely cool guitar solo before being joined by the most amazing percussion work I've ever seen yet on any High Rise track. I said I've ever seen YET because the next one is even more amazing. Effing kicks off with a completely stunning bass+drums psychedelic work before being followed by one of High Rise's characteristic guitar shredding. It's surely the album's peak, aside from Right On. Mind Bending, another fast and electrical song, opens way to the final one, Skive - the perfect blend of everything on the album. Experimental drumming, strong bass riffs and loud guitar improvisation. Deperado is such a great album that it owns nothing to High Rise's classics. The only thing someone might miss are the vocals, which appear only occasionally.

Catalog: PSFD-99 (P.S.F. Records)

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