Friday, January 8, 2010

Hijokaidan ( 非常階段 ) - Polar Nights Live (2008)

| Harsh Noise |

Polar Nights Live is one of Hijokaidan's most recent records. Though the group isn't fully gathered in here - only two members in each track -, all three performances are as good as the older stuff. The album was recorded live during a 2006 festival on Norway, with only Junko and Jojo from the original line-up. It's pretty decent, all tracks with about 25min of pure harsh noise. Not everything that someone would expect from Hijokaidan, and not very close to their most classic material's bursting sound, but it's still an excellent record from a band that has being "on" for 30 years. I mean, not just a band, but the Noise Kings.

The first track is surely the best and completely outstands the other two. It's also the only "true" Hijokaidan - it's the only one in which both Junko and Jojo are playing together. It sounds pretty classic - Jojo's guitar puts everything on fire and Junko provides those well-known high-pitched mad harsh screams. The second song follows up in a good way - a two guitar noise duel between Jojo Hiroshige and Per Gisle Galåen. The third is the weakest - an average electronics-based noise song provided by Sten Ove Toft with Jojo accompaniment on the voca... i mean, the shouts. I don't even know how the hell she still manages to scream that way after all these years.

Catalog: PICA005 (Pica Disk)

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