Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Les Rallizes Dénudés - December's Black Children (2003)

| Avant-Garde | Noise Rock | Psychedelic Rock |
| Experimental Rock |

To start with, it's pretty hard to gather information about LRD's releases. Mainly because of the hell bunch of bootlegs that simply provides no info. By chance, I found out that December's Black Children is part of the unofficial box 1980 Live & Soundboard - It's the 9th and the 10th cd (Live 13-December-1980). Some sources says it may be a Soundboard recording, but none of them are sure enough. So that's pretty much it, two cds of another unofficial Rallizes live. I must say that this one stands out from most of the unofficial stuff. The sound quality is pretty good during most of the album and there are parts of some songs in which the feedback is almost unnoticeable (like the beginning of the Romance of the Black Grief). The bass presence is always strong - as on most of their stuff - , but the drums suffered a little with the mix and are pushed hardly to the back of all the distortion. Still, it's a recording of high quality. Some songs even manage to cover itself in a dark and foggy atmosphere (like on Night of the Assassins) and some others are great example of LRD's best folkish stuff. Overall, it's a pretty good album and a kind of essential in any LRD's library.

Catalog: IAL01 (Illegal-Alien Records) - Discs 09-10
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