Friday, February 12, 2010

Achromatic Cold - Lungless (2010)

| Harsh Noise | Noise Metal |

Earbleed - That's what this album always gives me. Lungless is the second full-length album by the brazillian musician Achromatic Cold (with 29min), and while his first (Despair) was mostly a dark-ambient/drone-noise conceptual album, this one is basically a noise album. A harsh noise album, and a VERY harsh one. With tracks of high-pitched ear-piercing electronic noise, textured-distortion, Noise Metal and even a Black-Metal-influenced song, Lungless is one of those "badass fullblack-cover" albuns that people usually avoid on record's galleries - and with a good reason. But if you're willing to taste a little bit of destruction and aural pain, well, this is exactly what you are looking for.

The best on here are: A Life Full Of Joyful Smiles, The Empty And Sky-Tall Building, Sacrilege - three rageful rampages of noise metal - and Lungless - one of those high-pitched "ARGH, MY EAR" tracks. The rest of the album goes pretty "fine" (I mean, disturbing!), until the final track, Requiem. That one is the real highlight on here: the perfect mix of Black Metal and Harsh Noise, the flawless blending of abrasive melody and dark atmosphere. Overall, the distortion level is over the limit and the whole album is scarcely bearable. But if you really like to get your
tympanums fucked, well, you gotta love this. Literally Breathtaking.

Catalog: VB-12 (Velvet Blue Records)
Download (320kbps)

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