Friday, February 26, 2010

Boredoms - Soul Discharge '99 (1994)

| Noise Rock | Experimental Rock | Punk Rock |

Completely insane. That's how the early Boredoms sound. Led by the maniac vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Yamatsuka Eye, also known for his works with Hanatarash, the band provides a violent stop-start, jump-cut punk/noise/kitsch collage sound powered by a thousand crazy vocals, a mix of psychedelic and tribal drumming, completely frenzied guitar and an as frenetic use of electronic devices. The run-quick rhythms are everywhere around and at the same time going nowhere, all bouncing at every corner and crashing on each other. The songs actually have remarkable riffs, but they're so frantically played and mixed together that it becomes a soup of beats and hysterical shredding. And that works perfectly fine with Boredoms. Highlights go for the "We Will Rock You" version of Bubblebop Shot, the senseless 52 Boredom (club mix), and the violent Sun, Gun, Run and Pow Wow Now.
By the way, that's the cover of the original Soul Discharge - not the '99 reissue with bonus tracks -, which I find a lot more interesting than the reissue's one.

Catalog: EN-002 (EarthNoise)
Download (192kbps)

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  1. Thx!

    As with John Zorn, Elliott Sharp … they are too much open minded that it makes me feel alienated. So much of their work is ignored.