Sunday, February 14, 2010

Up-Tight - Early Years (2007)

| Noise Rock | Psychedelic Rock |

Early Years is the re-issue of Up-Tight's first self-titled album plus two tracks - one live and another from the studio. This album is pretty more noisy and lo-fi than Up-Tights later releases, what is kind of obvious. And I must admit, they're lots more awesome in here than in Lucrezia. Early Years has a dark and feedback-full atmosphere and the songs are painful and full of feeling.

The album opens with Melt Rain, a feedback-based track that starts with a amp drone and goes through some guitar shrieking. L'Stranger is one of my favourites from here: The howling vocals are cold and reverbful, and when the second guitar kicks in it's just the most awesome moment in the whole album. I'm Just A Dreamer is a kind of sad-ballad, with slower-tempo, melodic guitars and a more visible, but not less haunting, vocal. The bass is specially great on that one. Never Come Morning kicks in contrasting with the noisy-barrage of the previous song's ending: A slow droning bass feedback and a distant and dry drum-hitting soils the way for another melancholic guitar+weeping cold vocals passage. This one is even slower and would be an awesome "too-high-to-fall-asleep" midnight soundtrack. Although it gets kind of aggressive at some points (specially the ending), it's a pretty gentle and soft song. Non-Title is the big highlight in here - i mean, HUGE. Dark, Heavy, Evil, Aggressive - Nightmarish. This song is just perfect. From the Stoner beginning 'til the Psychedelic-giant-jam ending, Non-Title just gets more and more perfect. The structure has predominant heavy bass lines, with one guitar doing a dark and low-pitched rhythmic session and other following with high-pitched screams and awesome solos. The vocals are even more haunting, distorted and reverbful - what just adds more darkness. Too bad the percussion is buried under all this dense wall of noise and awesomeness... Still, the drummer achieves to be awesome behind everyone. This song is an awesome band reaching their awesome peak. Fucking awesome. King of Ice, Live, is another aggressive song. The drumming is pretty more visible and strong, perhaps because it's live, what makes this just more sick. The guitar is powerful as always, but the bass presence is much more grabbing and even buries the guitar at some points. Shining The Red Light is the bonus studio track, recorded during the debut album sessions. It's another soft song, with crystal-y guitars, cymbal-y drumming and high-pitched bass lines. The vocals are lot cleaner than in the rest of the album, but that just adds more feeling to the song. Occasional noisy riffs and shrieking-psych jams completes the track and ends this completely great album.

Catalog: archive40 (aRCHIVE)
Download (224 kbps)

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