Friday, February 12, 2010

Majutsu No Niwa ( 魔術の庭 ) - Frontera (2009)

| Psychedelic Rock | Noise Rock |

Majutsu No Niwa is a Psychedelic Rock band lead by Rinji Fukuoka after the disbanding of Overhang Party on 2008. Frontera is their first proper studio-recording, and displays the enhancement of the band's sound from the later Overhang Party's releases: Deeper song structure over the feedback-full rampage, but still strong on the road of the psychedelia. The bass lines are hypnotic and groovy and the guitar is full of reverb, fuzz and wah-wah, always striking with long and trippy solos. The drumming is kind of light and rely mostly on the cymbal use, but provides the perfect rhythmic session. Also, Rinji's jazzy voice is damn cool! Frontera is the perfect example of the "new wave" of japanese psych rock, and it won't disappoint any fan of the old Overhang Party nor of the japanese traditional psychedelic "wave".

The songs in here are quietly intriguing: The album opens and closes with the trippy psych-feedback (Afunruparo, La Vena), goes through some hard-rocking (Turn To Flames, Magikal Garden), some melodic-psychedelic (Thousands of Days, Thousands of Nights, Night Cruise) and even some ballads-like (Journey to the End of the Night, Beyond The Steel Rails) moments. Overall, it's pretty diverse and, at the same time, solid. Great album.

Catalog: TRCD-005 (There, Musik Atlach)
Download (320kbps)

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