Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fushitsusha ( 不失者 ) - Purple Trap - The Wound That Was Given Birth To Must Be Bigger Than The Wound That Gave Birth (1995)

| Avant-Garde | Noise Rock | Experimental Rock |
| Psychedelic Rock |

This set was recorded live in London in 1994 and proves once again that Fushitsusha is among the most engaging improvising musicians currently breathing. Disc one opens with sky-scraping arcs of rocking, psychedelic guitar mangle intertwining through simple, plodding bass and drums on “Allurement” then shifts gears into abstract, improvisational fatness plus occasional sections of raw screaming with spare bass ’n’ drum stabs. “The Nameless One,” “Purple Maze,” and “Here, There” are all short blasts of quirky, overload-speckled improv. Disc one is closed out by a long ’n’ lovely wash of ghostly night blare on “Great Dizziness.”

“You Within Me” opens disc two with some steady rocking from the rhythm section as Keiji Haino splatters some deliriously scattered and beautiful electric guitar slabs and particles everywhere—way beyond belief. For fans of spontaneously-psyched free-rock, this is an absolute must-hear and is one of Fushitsusha’s best tracks ever. The proceedings slow up a bit on “Code” as the bass and drums barely move under a descending guitar line, eventually moving into more deep space exploration—only to end up rocking out hard at the end. “Overthrow” starts out with a few seconds of barre chord garage-rock then suddenly veers into another glacial bass and drum base on which Haino strews more of his noted gobs of feedback mic-tortured vocals. His guitar joins in after about eight minutes for some air-tangling displays of slop which segues back into the garage song, ending with another noise mangle.

Little or no editing has been done to these tapes—smatterings of applause, audience chatter and “getting ready” instrument sounds are all very audible—giving this release an authentic live feel. It’s the sixth album in the ongoing Fushitsusha saga and is totally essential.

Catalog: BFFP 124 (Blast First)
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  1. Your posts are great!

    Any more Rallizes on the horizon?

    Thanks so much for your hard work!


  2. yes yes.
    i was about to put lots of fushitsusha in a row already, but as you asked, i shall upload 'double heads' next.