Friday, November 13, 2009

Les Rallizes Dénudés - '77 Live (1991)

| Avant-Garde | Noise Rock | Psychedelic Rock |
| Experimental Rock |

This must be LRD's masterpiece and maybe the ultimate record from the Japanese psychedelic-noise rock underground. '77 Live is a massive double-album of intense feedback, huge distortion, large reverb, cold vocals, powerful bass, drowning psychedelic rhythms and experimentalism everywhere. Completely stunning. Although it has only long tracks filled with lots of improvisation, none of the them gets dragged out, and you don't lose contact to the song's structure. Maybe because of the bass repetitive strong lines that keeps the songs on both feet, the tracks never get lost in their experimentalism. And that's perhaps one of the most incredible parts of " '77 Live".

The album opens with the astonishing Enter the Mirror, that mixes Experimental Folk with Psychedelic-Noise Rock in a unique way. Followed by the breathtaking Night of the Assassins, a fast and loud song, that runs like a giant and furious tsunami of feedback. My favorite from this album. Following the same path we have the overwhelming Flames of Ice, a little slower than its precedent, but heavier. Then we have another folk-noise-rock style song on A Memory Is Far, and though this one isn't as good as Enter the Mirror, it's still a extraordinary song. Deeper than Night is another heavy song, wondrous everywhere. Then we have the unearthly, devastating, stunning Night Harvesters. Besides being the shorter with only 8min, it's the rawest, fastest, destroy-est track from this album. A terrific song, if it wasn't for Night of the Assassins, this would be my favorite. And the album ends with The Last One, a giant stunning 21min monster, with the guitar screaming as loud as your headphone can bear (or not).

This album is beyond perfection. It's flawed, raw, but heart-stirring and mind-blowing as no other album can be. This is a diamond. A rough diamond, but a huge and outstanding diamond. A unique record.

Catalog: SIXE-0400 (Rivista Inc.)
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  1. one of my favorite recordings.

    i love what you've been posting!