Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Keiji Haino ( 灰野敬二 ) - Nijiumu (1990)

| Avant-Garde | Experimental Rock | Noise |
| Experimental Percussion |

Nijiumu is the first release of Haino's solo career after the '81 Watashi Dake? (it has nothing to do with his side-project band Nijiumu). A dark, airy, struggling and terrorizing record. Everything sounds in place, and at the same time, completely disjoint. His voice, the feedback, the guitar, the crashes and thunders of some distant percussion, and even a haunted piano (perfomed by Takafumi Matsuoka) is unified and dissolved into a ominous sinister atmosphere.

Comprised of one 54-minute track, Nijiumu hovers seamlessly from light, tinkling sounds and whispers to piercing shrieks and droning electronics to metal-object improv clatter and tapping guitar ambience—creating a nearly empty, dark state of dream awareness. There’s a section somewhere in the middle of it all where the held vocals and floating strings wail together in an amazing, sustained climax. Unbelievable.

Catalog: PSFD-7 (P.S.F. Records)
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  1. wow!
    His second album?

    Thanks allot, i recorded this once over the internet from an Elliott Sharp(yes, the composer and multi-instrumentalist)'s program at WSP1 art radio and lost it, there wasn't any information about it.

    Cannot wait!

  2. wow, keiji playing on the radio? hell, why can't brazil have this kind of radiostation? ):

  3. Actually is WPS1 Art radio, but i no longer find it at wps1.org/.

    There is also WFMU Radio free streaming.

    Keiji Haino Live show solo @Keiji Haino In Famous Carousel - Centre Pompidou, Paris and with Pan Sonic MP3s on Radio WNE, also Sunn O))), wolf eyes, and many radical and noise musician from USA, Europe and Japan

    I recorded all on my Mac.

  4. oh, I thought it was FM radio... nice, thanks for the recommendation, that's a pretty cool radiostation

  5. Perfect blog!
    Thank you for providing the albums of Keiji Haino!
    I would ask the album わたしだけ?http://www.discogs.com/image/R-150-1018787-1194105259.jpeg