Monday, November 2, 2009

George Garside - New Land (1986)

| Ambient | Synth-Electronic |

New Land, released one year before his final work Mind Over Matter, is George's biggest affair to ambient music. His characteristic use of synths, as seen on Oasis and further on Mind Over Matter, is still present, but in this one, he explores further the Ambient Music lands. Though I like his other albums as well, New Land is for me his best record.

His longest work so far, New Land holds in hands 11 highly atmospheric tracks. Tranquil Dominion, New Land, Amnesty and Tides are my picks from this album, though the whole is satisfying and delightful to hear. Dawn is also an outstanding: my favorite, in spite of being the shortest ambient matter he ever produced, it's enthralling enough to be ever notable.

Catalog: GAR 02 (George Garside Self-released)

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