Friday, October 30, 2009

George Garside - Oasis (1984)

| Synth-Electronic | Ambient |

Oasis is the first record by the '80s genius George Garside. A very interesting album, it presages the late '90s and '80s electronics. Though mostly an Ambient album, it has tons of synth-electronics use, and its experimental soundscapes brings a huge mind-travel to the listener.

The album's highlight is the first track, Journey To Oasis, a big journey through heart-stirring melodies, and the second, Landscapes, the album's Ambient side. The track Oasis is pretty much an electronic music, and reminds me a lot of Kraftwerk. Riverside Dub is pure experimentalism, with the addition of external sounds and real-world samples to the music. "Riverside dub uses an artificial head and is best listened to on headphones", says the liner notes.

Catalog: ICR 16 (ICR)

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