Friday, October 30, 2009

George Garside - Mind Over Matter (1987)

| Synth-Electronic | Ambient |

George Garside is one of the most underrated musicians from the '80s early electronic/ambient wave. Being one of the bests of his time, Garside delivers giant soundscapes produced with a very relaxing atmosphere, very experimental, but always without losing the touch.

Mind Over Matter is his last work, very conceptual and largely hypnotic. As most of the musicians from his time, his last works tend to a more synth-electronic approach than atmospheric and ambient moves. But Mind Over Matter is by far an step further. He can skillfully mix the best of his early works with more moving patterns and, though it doesn't have soundscapes as big, a more rhythmical and changing atmosphere. This is a great piece of lost and forgotten art, and will touch the depths of your consciousness with a push through outworlds.

Catalog: GAR 03 (George Garside Self-released)

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