Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hijokaidan ( 非常階段 ) - The Lord Of Noise (2004)

| Harsh Noise | Psychedelic |

The Lord Of Noise is a collection of live tracks ranging from 1979 'til 2004. It has almost everything Hijokaidan has developed, since from huge barrages of white noise to a psychedelic mix of irregular rock and noise.

Live At Bear's (04.20.2002) is the finest track here, and one of Hijokaidan's bests. A huge 24min tidal wave of harsh noise and pure destruction, mixed with shouts and everykind of weird drums and electronics. Basic Policy and Angel Dust are nice samples of Hijokaidan's early psychedelic-noise, too bad they are the shortest on the album. In The Wake Of Nao, Queen Of Beer is another highlight, another 12min of pure wreckage and brutal sound.

Catalog: TECI-1072 (Imperial Records (Japan))

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  1. Thx!!
    I am a big fan of Borbetomagus, which are very polite compared with This Japanese magicians.