Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Gerogerigegege - Senzuri Power Up (1991)

| Harsh Noise | Noise-Punk |
| Japanese Ultra Shit Band |

Yet another infamous balls to the wall blast of pure frenzied noise with a slight hint of something a little deeper than DRI's first 7 inch. Very unique although somewhat similar in production to the 'instruments disorder' cd, this album, while rather short, does contain several different great interpretations of noisey punk music. The artwork has a rather "maternal" feel to it and the liner notes contain a clean and clear gerogerigegege discography leading up to the release of this album. The sound of an old japanese pop song starts the whole cd off before it violently jerks into a full frontal feedback laden attack on the senses. The entire album flows together very well as all the tracks sort of bleed into one another. The main instruments of choice (aside from juntaro's tortured japanese-man-caught-on-fire screams) seem to simply be guitar, bass, and drums, although the use of a guitar tuner turns the final song into a rather hypnotic drone. You may also notice an ever so subtle use of a chorus pedal on occasions as well. The song titles are worth the more than likely high import price alone. The track 'car sex macdonald drive in let's go,' which happens to be the album's epic orgasmic peak, speaks for itself. Totally indispensible.

Catalog: VAV91-012 (Vis A Vis Audio Arts)
Album overview on Artnotart

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