Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kousokuya ( 光束夜 ) - Echoes From Deep Underground (2007)

| Psychedelic Rock | Stoner Rock | Noise Rock |

This album is a live recording from 2001 and shows how Kousokuya has grown on the years (other albums). Just like an old wine, kept locked for years and years, it shows these japanese legends completely ripe. Their maturity reflects on their music, and Echoes from Deep Underground sounds as refined as one would expect. Refined on one hand, while on the other it keeps their raw, psychedelic and heavy-motion style. The songs still feel as fresh as on their debut, but pretty more consistent. This album is lapidated in every corner, and a must-listen to fans of japanese psychedelic music.

Catalog: archivedvd1 (aRCHIVE)

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