Monday, October 12, 2009

Les Rallizes Dénudés - Mizutani (1991)

| Avant-Garde | Folk-Rock | Psychedelic Rock |
| Experimental Rock | Noise Rock |

A mostly folk-headed compilation of lives from '70 and '73. One of the most popular albums from the Rallizes, it also contains one of their best songs, Romance of the Black Grief, filled with distortion and feedback in a very unique way. Aside from that and a gorgeous version of The Last One, Mizutani contains mostly tracks of psychedelic-folk rather than noise or experimentalism, and is one of the few albums featuring Mizutani on a classical guitar rather than his (awesome) telecaster. Kiretsu and A Memory is Far, altogether with the already cited Romance of the Black Grief and The Last One makes this album a must-have in every Rallizes collection. (And i'm pretty sure Dansyo1 is a clear version of "Valle de L'Eau"...)

Catalog: SIXE-0203 (Rivista Inc.)

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