Sunday, October 25, 2009

Les Rallizes Dénudés - Electric Pure Land 1974

| Avant-Garde | Noise Rock | Psychedelic Rock |
| Experimental Rock |

Electric Pure Land 1974 is an unofficial bootleg (as most of their albums is) of the japanese psychedelic/noise rock masters, Les Rallizes Dénudés. A relatively short set of 53min, comprised in 5 tracks and recorded live with a very low quality (it's in nice quality though, for LRD standards...), what makes them even more noisy and loud. You can hear echo almost everywhere, from the drums and even from the feedback, and they sound as fine as they should. Though it's not as aggressive or mind-blowing as their '77 Live, it is one of their finest albums. Great live, and good as a starting point for those who aren't pretty much into their sound, as it is short enough and summarizes exactly how their late sound is, since '67-'69 studio et live shows their early and doesn't sound as the rest of their records.

All the 5 performances here are sharp, with lots of distortion and as psychedelic as it must, but we have 2 highlights: The first track, that ironically is The Last One, with the hugest distortion on the record, with the feedback sounding like breaking crystal, and the closer Angel, a nice mix of their psychedelic rock and experimental folk side within pretty much noise as the rest of the record. Enter the Mirror and Flames of Ice are performed masterly here, and Cry of Bird shows how fine they can pick a folk song and mix with it elements of noise and loud rock.

Catalog: unknown

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