Monday, October 19, 2009

Enno Velthuys - Landscapes In Thin Air (1985)

| Ambient | Synth-Electronic |

Released just after his masterpiece (A Glimpse of Light), Landscapes in Thin Air marks the beginning of a new sound development for Enno. Though it still feels more ambient-oriented, it has a strong presence of beats and a more melodic use of synths. It doesn't feel completely formed, as A Glimpse of Light or Different Places do, but it's still a great album, and has very good highlights.

The best two songs from it are Staring At The Lake ( At 6 A.M. ), a perfect example of his beat-oriented ambient works, and Pigeons In A Hovel, a short but touching piece. Morning Glory feels too long and drags out more than would be good, but Turning The Tides and Ebb And Flood shows that he can still make long 'tripping' pieces without losing touch. The closer Dawn By The Stormy Sea is another example of how beautiful Enno Velthuys can sound, even when not doing proper ambient-structured songs.

Catalog: KC 023 (Kubus Cassettes)

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