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Les Rallizes Dénudés - Great White Wonder (2006)

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Great White Wonder is one of the few LRD's official albums, released under Mizutani's label, Univive. Released in 2006, it consists of 3 Live concerts, divided in 3 CDs, being:
- Disc One: 13 July, 1974 at Hebon Bldg, Meiji Gakuin Daigaku
- Disc Two: 1 October 1975 at Adan, Shibuya
- Disc Three: 22 July 1977 at Nichifutsu Kaikan (Maison Franco-Japonaise), Tokyo.
As one can see, this album ranges LRD's golden time. They're sharp, violent, furious and as loud as only seen on the '77 Live.

The first CD is perhaps the most noisy in here. Blasting guitar feedback, heavy bass lines and mad drumming. Exactly what one would expect from a LRD great live performance. The highlights are the both Romance of the Black Grief and the rarely-performed Inside Heart. The final track, The Last One, is the longest in the whole cd, and it is heavy, devious and strong. 20min of fiendish guitar noise, crusher bass lines and some, uncommon, shouted vocals.

The second CD is what I'd call ' the most experimental'. It's half of mind-blowing fast psychedelic-noise, especially on Field of Artificial Flowers, and half of the good psychexperimental-folk the Rallizes are fond to, as on White Awakening and A Memory Is Far. The Live closes with an improvised short track.

The Third CD is my favorite, and is for sure one of the bests performances of LRD ever. The guitar is loud, the feedback is shredding, the drums are obliterating, the vocals are cold, distant and mad and the bass is hell heavy. The only weak point in it, is that sometimes the rhythm gets lost in a huge wave of overdrive and echo, but that is exactly why i love this performance. The songs are strong even when they feel exhausted, and the Rallizes manage to blow out giant and overwhelming tsunamis of sound even when they seem to be lost in their own hurricane. Dream, Night of the Assassins and Field of Artificial Flowers are performed with complete perfection. Night Harvesters is a torrential tornado of pure destruction, and Flames Of Ice is a giant and devouring piece of explosives just ready to blow your brain right to the wall. The album then closes with another piece of awesome psychexperimental-folk, soothing the listener's mind later with a drone of feedback and some lacking notes before fading in a haze of quiet and soft noise.

Catalog: UNIVIVE-008 (Univive)

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