Sunday, April 18, 2010

Keiji Haino & Derek Bailey - Songs (2000)

| Avant-Garde | Free-Jazz | Noise Rock |

Released in 2000, this CD was recorded back in November 1996 at Moat Studios in London during the same sessions which begat some of the Tokuma releases of yore, if I’m not mistaken. With the Incus label at the helm, you can never really expect your cruise to be one of smooth sailing. The father of improv guitar, Derek Bailey, and Japan’s longtime sound wanderer, Keiji Haino, spontaneously mesh together many merging / clashing, guitar / vocal sound patterns here with as much displeasure as expected. Featuring Derek on electric guitar only and Haino on vocals only, who sounds for all the world as if he were strapped into the dentist’s chair for the duration and getting root canals in every one of his teeth with no anesthesia. A nice, squirrelly, abstract Haino drawing adorns the cover.

Catalog: CD 040 (Incus Records)
Album Overview on Arcane Candy
Download (224kbps)

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