Sunday, April 18, 2010

Peter Brötzmann, Keiji Haino & Shoji Hano - Shadows (2000)

| Free-Jazz | Noise Rock | Psychedelic Rock |

This CD contains nearly an hour’s worth of live performances recorded at the Schlachthof in Wels, Austria on March 31, 2000 during a Spring concert tour of Europe. Featuring Peter Brotzmann on clarinet and tenor sax, Keiji Haino on electric guitar and vocals, and Shoji Hano on bamboo horn and drums, this clearly-recorded thang aggressively wrangles its way through the jungles of hair covering your your head, your ears—hell, your entire body! Once inside your brain, this heapin’ helpin’ of scaldin’ soul-scour will quickly erase all memories of servitude that you’ve ever amassed. Haino’s vocal shrieking with Brotzmann’s acoustic squealing—all held-up by Hano’s faithful tub work—should clear out your ailin’ head better than a continual administration of nitrous oxide on the deck of a Caribbean-bound luxury boat. Brotzmann even momentarily shows that he’s still not afraid of a tune. The cover shows off a nicer layout than usual: tangled trees inked on the front cover, plus liner notes by Shoji Hano and pics of the participants inside.

Catalog: DIW-938 (DIW Records)
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