Friday, April 2, 2010

Up-Tight - Five Psychedelic Pieces (2004)

| Psychedelic Rock | Space Rock | Noise Rock |

This is Up-Tight's second full-length album. It features more straight-forward compositions than in other releases, and it's much less noisy than their other works. Overall, it's an album of five psychedelic-rock pieces, what is kind of obvious. Still, they manage to create a full "ambience" in here, and the album sounds pretty concise, a thing that they haven't fully achieved in other recordings. "At 2:00AM, I Am Waiting For Someone" is a simple ballad full of reverb and chorus, and "Visions Of Key Of A" is a spacerock-ish song on half its speed that grows into a dizzy improvisation with distant vocals, cymbal rushes, and a characteristic full-of-delay-and-flanges guitar, which is present in the whole album. "Falling In Love" is my favorite in here; a pretty, lo-fi and down-tempo sentimental song. Overall, it's a good album, the songs are either good or fine, although it simply doesn't match the awesomeness of their first album.

Catalog: Static 9 (Static Records)
Download (192kbps)

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