Friday, April 2, 2010

Stjerneheimen - I (2010)

| Stoner Rock | Drone Doom | Doom Metal |

"I" is a 20min EP from the Brazillian Stjerneheimen. Featuring an extremely LOUD and fuzzed bass-guitar doing a droning and repetitive riffage over a handful of 'folkish' instruments, like flutes, horns and strings, and some keyboard accompaniment (don't expect some folk-metal stuff, though. It's too explosive for that, and these instruments work mostly as the background for the Bass onslaught). The first part of the album is loud and heavy, and though the songs are short and have a slow atmosphere, they run fast through the album, one riff after the other, almost non-stoping. On the second part, at the end of the album, we have a slow and smooth bass - which contrasts with the first's strong and loud -, playing some melancholic riffs before vanishing in complete abandonment.

Catalog: VB-17 (Velvet Blue Records)
Download (320kbps)

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