Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Keiji Haino ( 灰野敬二 ) & Tatsuya Yoshida ( 吉田達也 ) - Until Water Grasps Flame (2002)

| Avant-Garde | Experimental Rock | Free-Jazz |
| Noise Rock | Free-Prog |

This disc is a recording of a live performance from April 2000. All 12 tracks are duets, but the instrumentation on each track varies, with Haino playing guitar, sarode, gyumbari, gothan, esraj and darbouka. Yoshida plays drums, Korg X5D and darbouka. (Track 10 is a darbouka duet, whatever a darbouka is—some sort of percussion.) Most of the tracks are purely instrumental. Only two actually have a little bit of Haino singing, and only one of those is really a song designed around Haino’s voice. The rest are freely-improvised instrumentals. Some of the songs–especially the electric guitar and drums duets–are dense and heavy-sounding improvisations a la Ruins. In fact, the guitar and drums duets really bring to mind the Derek Bailey / Ruins collaborations like Tohjinbo on Paratactile and Saisoro on Tzadik. But, about half the songs have Haino on a variety of ethnic (for lack of a more accurate term) instruments. These improvisations are mellower. When two longtime improvisers get together, you expect seamless improvisation and that is just what is captured on this CD. Calling it improvisation almost seems like cheating. No one expecting these sorts of results will be disappointed. This is not a rock album—expectations of such will not be met. Too good.

Catalog: NAIM12CD (Noise Asia)
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