Saturday, March 27, 2010

Darkspace - Dark Space III (2008)

| Atmospheric Black Metal | Drone Doom |
| Dark Ambient |

What happens when you mix the best of Drone Doom with Black Metal music? The answer could vary from "awesomeness" to "mind-blowingness", or simply "Darkspace". One of the most unique and impressive Black Metal bands from the 00's, Darkspace's style is characterized by heavy, slow and powerfully saturated walls of overdriven guitars, epic eerie synthlines and drummings, and occasional howls and abyssal screams, mixed into a gigantic hazy atmosphere. The music's ambience is totally dark and cloudy, like a heavy storm during a solar eclipse, with all the abrasiveness from Black Metal, the weight from Drone Doom and the haunted atmosphere from Dark Ambient music. Reading a review like this, you might be totally thinking "fuck, that looks like some pretty massive stuff". Hell, it totally is.

Dark Space III is, guess what, their third album. A masterpiece of cosmic darkness, the III combines the elements from the previous ones, the chaotic and striking riffs from I and the slow and dense sounding of II, creating their magnum opus. At their peak and full strength, this sounds nothing less than soul-crushing. From the epic opener until the fifth track, the album is all powerful. But, on the final two tracks is where it really goes absolutely epic. From the evil synths, shrieking guitars and spoken words from 3.16 and through the heavy drumming, the dense riffage and the high-pitched guitar screams, the epic chants of synths and angst vocals of 3.17, these two tracks alone simply destroy everything you'd known about heavy and atmospheric music. Prepare your ears, this is some pretty massive stuff.

Catalog: AV-102 (Avantgarde Music)
Download (233 VBR)

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