Saturday, March 20, 2010

Futons - A Good Friend (2010)

| Post-Rock | Indie Rock | Dream Pop |

This is the second musical output by Futons, and while the Smoker EP was a folkish/ambient album, in A Good Friend he drops the acoustic guitar and gives a leap forward. Impressively structuring songs with real-time loops (he uses no overdubs in the whole album), this 30min LP displays his works on piano, on indie rock-ish songs with electric guitar and electronic beats, and even on post-rock-influenced guitar trips. The album sounds immature sometimes, but that's exactly why it's so awesome - the songs really have a warm-cold feeling and a dreaming atmosphere, and the lack of fancy musical pretentiousness and the real-time-recording makes this album feels like an living creation, instead of a "sculptured-in-marble" maturely boring cd.

The album opens with Phlogiston Theory, maybe the most impressive track in the whole. A dreaming-ish non-stop piano runs and dances around a wonderfully catchy and beautiful melody. The outlet. This is where my mood, this table, my biles sink and that I would end. (hell, gotta love this title) kicks in with some dissonant and reverbful guitar sounds, and shows a skilled using of real-time loops while grows into a post-rock-ish blending of rhythms and riffs. Get It Together follows the same post-rock-ish vein, but featuring a more static structure and lots of guitar-loops that follows each other interlaced by the loud electronic-beat dancing. A Good Friend starts with a muted guitar riff and jumps into another melodic and non-stoppable song (like a Phlogiston Theory, but on guitar instead of piano), and Burrito Wizard sounds like a warm folkish song played on a high-pitched electric guitar. The album then closes with My Machine, a reinterpretation of a Boris song, featuring a reverberant and droning guitar.

Catalog: VB-18 (Velvet Blue Records)
Download (256 VBR)

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