Friday, March 19, 2010

Gaseneta ( ガセネタ ) - Sooner or Later (1991)

| Noise Rock | Punk Rock | Garage Rock |

More-than-legendary, peerless garage punk band from the late 70's who can rival Les Rallizes Denudes in terms of having the most influence on the current Japanese underground. Along with Les Rallizes Denudes Gaseneta were one of the first Japanese groups to establish their own unique sound that took a huge step away from just emulating Western acts. Their frightening speed, flesh-melting, acid edge and total chaos were the original blueprint for High Rise (who clearly show their indebtedness by playing with Gaseneta's members on a La Musica cassette) and a handful of others. Hamano Jun (guitar), Yamazaki Harumi (vocals), Osato Toshiharo (bass) - all were involved in many other minor-related underground projects at the time that helped shape a huge part of the current Japanese psych scene. This 1978 recording is Gaseneta's only widely available release that captures the group in full-blistering flow. Highly Recommended.

Catalog: PSFD-17 (P.S.F. Records)
Download (224kbps)