Sunday, March 7, 2010

Some Cool News about Velvet Blue Records

Ok, this post is not about some album. but it's pretty cool, you should totally take a read at it.
First, for the ones who don't know yet, Velvet Blue Records is the label I'm currently running with a friend. We're based in Brazil, and blablabla... cutting off the bullshit, I got some news to bring to you guys. But first, a picture says more than a thousand words. So:

Yeah, that's right. We're now making physical copies of our catalogue! You all shall be able to get your own copy, and know what's the best? They are totally Free. Yep, that's right, We're not into selling our music, it's fucking completely free. The production of each album costs about U$2,50 - a price that we, the label, can afford. So you can get your own copy for only U$0,00. BUT (I know, "but"'s sucks ): ), we can't afford the postage costs... So, if you want to get your own copy, You'll have to pay for the postage (but only for the postage, the albums itselves are totally costless. We, the label, are not - in any way - monetarily profiting. On the opposite, we're kind of losing money!). The postage prices are the following:
- Canada, USA, etc: U$16
- Germany, England, France, etc: U$17
- Japan, Norway, Sweden, etc: U$20
You can get up to 5 albums for that price above (which gets about U$3-4 per album!).
For the ones who live in Brazil, the postage price is the following:
- R$1,50 [U$0,80] (for 1 cd), R$2,30 [U$1,25] (for 2cds) and R$4,70 [U$2,60] (for up to 5 cds) - Plus R$1,80 [U$1,00] for the special package (the one used to send cds via mail).

All the albums are professionally printed, hand-made and each copy comes numbered.
All the versions shown here are "test version"s, printed at home and using common paper (but Despair, which is already the final version with Pro-printing.). The final version, professionally printed, looks way better :)

Well, that's it! I hope you liked the news! If anyone is interested or has any question, you can easily contact we at . We can even discuss a discount at the postage prices :) and remember, if you're an independent musician/band, the label can totally work with you! (specially if you make shit music, lol)
Thanks for your attention! I'm so excited with all this!
The whole catalog is available! (new link with photos!)

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  1. Maaaaan, awesome concept! As soon as I find out the postage costs, I'm definitely going to get some (probably all) of these.