Wednesday, March 17, 2010

John Zorn - Femina (2009)

| Avant-Garde | Experimental | Electronic | Jazz |
| Chamber Music | Folk | Ambient |

Femina is the triumphant return to Zorn's experimentations at mixing different ideas into one ideal. Made as a tribute album to all the women, Femina features Zorn followed by a whole band of experimental musicians - female musicians. Conceptually, the album really captures the delicate aura, the sensual moves and the gently colourful sounds - which resembles the eyes, the voice, the curves and the touches of a woman. Structurally, the album is a huge mess of genres. Blending all influences it can found without any barriers, Femina features pieces of Avant-Garde Jazz, Ambient and folkish music, Electro-acoustic experimentations, noise, and of course, chamber/classical music. Sonically, the album is a big win. Moving through all its different genres as softly as a ballet dancer, Femina's breathtaking precision and peculiar logic makes this album a unique piece of experimental music. Delicate pianos and harps, aural violins and cellos, intriguing noise collages and electronic experimentations, Femina is a magistral record at Zorn's extensive discography.

Catalog: TZ 7377 (Tzadik)
Download (256kbps)

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