Monday, March 8, 2010

Futons - Smoker EP (2009)

| Indie Folk | Ambient |

Futons is a one-man band from Australia. Playing a perfect fusion of Folk and Ambient music, his songs are deeply sentimental and nostalgic. The lo-fi production grants the music a warm atmosphere and the gentle sound of his guitar seems to float around the eardrums, softly cuddling the mind. I totally feel like the little man on the cover while I listen to it. Blackie Young stands out for its charming melody and The Depressive Teacup is the perfect song for a warm cup of milk during a cold rainy day. Smoker EP is THE album for anyone who feels just too tired of the world's loud and bright dizziness. Lay below a tree and let this hearty music close your eyes.

Catalog: VB-16 (Velvet Blue Records)
Download (320kbps)

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