Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Monks of the Balhill - Lost and Hide Side (2009)

| Psychedelic Drone | Free-Jazz | Experimental |
| Ambient |

An abstract album of psychedelic ambient music. Filled with a pretty cool jazzy saxophone, some electronic noises and a heavy and slow synth, Monks of the Balhill provides one of the most trippy music I've ever heard. The atmosphere is pretty slow and somewhat pretty colourful - like watching a supersaturated surreal movie in slowmotion -, and each song gives me the feeling of getting my laid-down body slowly lifted by the winds. The album might feel boring though, depending on your state of spirit. The first time I listened to it, I really didn't think it was great thing. But on the second time, laid on my bed with my headphones at max and a fucking headache, Lost and Hide Side sounded like heaven's music. My favourite tracks are Wings of Rain, Monomonks (maybe the best on the album) and Ocapulca.

Catalog: housecraft no. 76 (Housecraft Records)
Download (256kbps)

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