Thursday, December 17, 2009

Achromatic Cold & akaaka - Insubstancial/Smoke (2009)

| Dark Ambient | Drone | Noise |

Expanding the drone/noise horizons and mixing it with electronica influences, Insubstancial/Smoke is the conceptual result from a partnership with akaaka. Filled with a very dark and heavy "silent-hill-like" atmosphere, this album puts out the "war" feeling, with moments that go through extreme violence to complete desolation.

The first song, One Explosion, Three Deaths, is an electronica affair produced by akaaka a long time ago (it's the only track that wasn't recorded for this album). The second, A Soldier Crushed in Little Pieces is Useless for the Nation, is divided in two parts. The first part was recorded digitaly by akaaka, and the second is a digital remix of Losing Mind, from my debut EP. I must say that this one is my personal favourite, and the first part is hell beautiful (also, I love the siren at the end). The third, A 9 Thousand Lives Worth Corporation, is a noise track, recorded electronicaly. The fourth, A 9 Million Lives Worth Corporation (akaaka Mix), is, as the name suggests, a remix of the 3rd track. It was remixed digitaly-analogously. The final, Bombs are for Protecting the Homeland, is an analog record.

Total time: 21min (5 tracks) | Artwork by Zdzisław Beksiński

Catalog: VB-01 (Velvet Blue records)
Achromatic Cold | akaaka (on
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