Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stjerneheimen - Star Mountains (2009)

| Free-Prog | Drone Doom |

Stjerneheimen is a one-man project of lo-fi and totally improvisated bass works. Star Mountains consists of a mix of loud and ressonant bass lines, some cleaner free-prog riffs and a mysterious and sparse use bongo's percussion. The first part runs slowly and is the weaker part. The record gets stronger and stronger after Rise of Tutankhamun - which is pretty good song, but drags a little too much - reaching its peak at the amazing Goddess. The bongos are completely arrhythmic and are only found at some few tracks and completely buried under the drones. The highlights are Rebels Two/Three, Red Sphere - Birth of Berzerker and specially Goddess and the cover of John Cage's 4'33''. Overall it's a pretty good and unusual album. Its 51min of slow-motion drones and free-prog may sound strange at first, but gets pretty impressive with a deeper listening.

Catalog: VB-02 (Velvet Blue Records)

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