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The Gerogerigegege - Recollections Of Primary Masturbation (1998)

| Harsh Noise | Japanese Ultra Shit Band |

"sodium lights define a river, a bridge has been built close to the sea's open mouth fish gather beneath its berley of light the tide is coming in it comes in upon perfectly spaced waves that glide secretly upstream their mood is silky almost wanton as unseen they go through the night surging for miles along the river's bank a half whispered love the ocean surges into an estuary at night suns stars a fierce jangled static upon its vigorous back the spirit that drives enters frightfully, a catharsis of witchery and innocence it shears and splits realigns on entire shoreline"

-poem by Juntaro in liner notes

Okay, this is probably the MOST confusing cd i have ever tried to make sense out of, so here it goes:

According to the track listing, this cd is supposed to have unreleased and deleted 'singles.' The singles mentioned are the "kitanomaru hyakkei" 7 inch, the senzuri champion lp, the "senzuri monkey metal action" 7 inch, the "more shit e.p." 7 inch, and the entire TOKYO ANAL DYNAMITE cd remastered (!). The cd booklet says there are 6 tracks, however, the cd actually has 8 tracks.
The 1st track is a little bit over a minute in length and its juntaro screaming and a bunch of drums and guitar sounds continuously panning left and right. Its pretty crazy stuff and its definitely a cool track. The 2nd track is supposed to be from the 'senzuri champion' lp. Its starts off with juntaro screaming 'rock and roll' and then going into some standard gero thrash. along the way there are some stops and starts but you know the drill. Track 2 is also only a minute long and the recording quality is much worse than the 1st track.
Track 3 starts off with a quick high pitch sine wave and then it goes into another standard gero thrash fest. This recording is a remastered recording of the 'senzuri monkey metal action' 7 inch and i know that because i was a big enough loser to actually compare the 2 recordings.
Needless to say, the cd version is a 'little' (very little) bit cleaner than the vinyl version. Tracks 4 and 5 got indexed separately for some reason, but these two tracks (about 10 minutes in length) sum up the 223 unreleased songs. it starts off with what sounds like a radio show ("the hellfire club") that has two guys talking about "the gero, gero, 'g', 'g', 'g' ." There is a really noticable tape hiss the entire time and the guys announce that they are about to play some brand new "world premiere" gero tracks. Yeah, i can still imagine all 3 people listening in just beating off with anticipation. Anyway, the 'world premiere' gero tracks are hilarious! It sounds like 'jeff' from 'yellow trash bazooka' and 'mother fellatio' is back and every song is seriously about 1 second long. The formula: A burst of noise with some screaming, pause, repeat. This continues until about 4 minutes, when all the noise stops and a recording of yoko ono's christmas greeting (?!?) is played from when her and john were having their infamous "bed-in" back in the 70's. Then the noise onslaught comes back and it continues for another minute or so before track 4 ends and track 5 begins.
The same recording of the two boring radio jockeys is played again, but this time, there is another recording playing at the same time of what sounds like juntaro hitting guitars and throwing stuff around. He also coughs alot and makes obnoxious rude sounds before the next batch of 'unreleased' songs starts up. This time however, instead of count offs, its just jeff screaming the consecutive number of the song ("185!, 186!, 187!"). this shit is seriously hysterical.
Track 6 and track 7 are from the B side of the "more shit e.p." track 6 is abruptly cut off after about 22 seconds and track 7 starts back up where it left off, and it's somekind of cover of the Stooges TV Eye followed by lots of punkish noise at the best gero style. Its the same thing as the vinyl except the cd version is once again a little bit cleaner.
The final track is the remastered version of almost the entire 'tokyo anal dynamite' cd, although it fades out at around 31 minutes instead of the original 34. It basically just sounds like there is a little bit more of a high end and thats about it.

Inside the cd booklet is nothing but lists upon lists of song titles and the information regarding the gero 'session men' and when each piece was originally recorded.
The cover is a terrible looking black and white blowup of the man from the 'mother fellatio' 7 inch and it is deliberately (or maybe indeliberately) crooked. Way punk, doood!!!!

Overall, this is an absolutely awesome (and fairly comprehensive, as it spans the years from 1985 to 1993) 'thrash' gero release and if you simply can't get enough 1,2,3,4!!!'s, this is THE album for you.

Catalog: OTCD 01 (Onkel Tuka Records)
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