Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hijokaidan ( 非常階段 ) - Viva Angel (1984)

| Harsh Noise | Psychedelic |

Viva Angel is one of the earliest records from the Noise King, Hijokaidan. It features 7 tracks, 6 of 2-5min and the full version of Bad Character, But Great Sounds with almost 25min. Not a long record, but the stuff in here is good enough to make it more than worthy.

The album starts with the psychedelic-crazy-shouts Seeds Rock 'N Roll, one of the proofs of how insane this guys can become. The album has very cool harsh-noise tracks, like Viva Angel, Hellthy Girl and Broken Young Bud. There are some other strange psychedelic stuff, like Twilight Guitar, one of the most bizarre stuff I've ever heard from Hijokaidan, and Secret Desire, a strange mix of high-pitched noise and some screams (?). But the highlight here is the last track: 25min of pure sound destruction. After listening to Hijokaidan, the other noise stuff sound like Hannah Montana.

Catalog: ARLP-004 (Alchemy Records)
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  1. Listen to this record, you'll like it, i guess. I've it for a long time.
    Keith Rowe (i think his first solo guitar record) - A Dimension of Perfectly Ordinary Reality:
    The scanned cover is within the iTunes converted files.

    That is a Thank you!

  2. i'm getting it. thanks for both!