Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Derek Bailey - Solo Guitar Series 3: Different Guitars (2002)

| Avant-Garde | Free-Jazz | Experimental Guitar |

Different Guitars is a historical compilation of Derek's works on... exactly, on different guitars. The first part of the album is an early 70s collection of the Derek Bailey on a somewhat 19 strings guitar. I have no idea of what that is, I've done some research and all I could find was about a 19 string harp. I think it might be a double-neck guitar, or something like that, but there's simply no info about it. Obviously, it's a somewhat kind of prepared guitar. The improvised pieces run smooth and sparse, a little aggressive at some points, but mostly atmospheric. The second part is amazing. A record of Bailey on a Martin D18 playing with Min Tanaka, a japanese master of Butoh Dance, at '87. The third part is my favourite, two pieces, Gibson Super 400, 1992. It's so full of feeling and so free that you can even hear Derek coughing. The improvisation sounds completely human. The notes go beyond the state of harmonic pieces, each separate note sounds like a whole universe of timbre and sound. Derek Bailey's improvisation is one of the most beautiful and authentic forms of free music.

Catalog: Incus CD-SG3 (Incus Records)

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  1. Thanks!
    I wouldn't call Bailey music experimental, he really did now what he wanted, it is more total improvisation, or free improvisation.