Thursday, December 10, 2009

Achromatic Cold - Lacerate (2009)

| Drone | Noise | Ambient |

Ps: All tracks on Lacerate EP are Available at the full-length album, Despair. Lacerate was re-released by VBrecords - the second track, I Hate Them All, was removed and Dark Fortress was placed in its place.
Achromatic Cold is a fancy name Drone project by Rafaello Fareday. Yeah, that's me. Recorded with extreme Lo-Fi resources (using only 1 Channel, with no Overdubs and completely Improvised), Lacerate is a record that's not great thing. And it's not supposed to. It just 'is'. No special noise effects, no crazy mind-blowing layers, no 1-2-3-4 GYNAECOLOGIST! No nihilistic-art statement, no avant-garde nor experimental stuff, no art-is-over, no strong feedback, no nothing. It just resumes itself into lo-fi notes drone, with some high-pitched noise here and there. It consists on 5 songs, with something around 15min, what makes this an EP (but who cares?).

Lacerate does not follow any pattern nor musical structure (as most of noise stuffs). Even though everything was done on purpose (even the plug error, as I kept pulling and pushing it), the results were always unexpected. Everything was done manually and for every sound on it, there's a finger of mine (or in some cases, the whole hand or the arm). No sustain pedals were used. No mixing, no equalizing. Recorded completely live. Lacerate was given born as it is, and it's not supposed to be 'good' or 'enjoyable' (though some people might find it). In one way or the other, it's drone, it has noise, it makes no sense and it is purely that. I don't hope you enjoy, but I hope you see it as it is.

Catalog: VB-06 (Velvet Blue Records)