Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Gerogerigegege - Mother Fellatio (1993)

| Harsh Noise | Japanese Ultra Shit Band |

Recorded one month after yellow trash bazooka, juntaro and jeff return to give us another batch of unprecedented stupidity. Following the exact same formula as before, there is not much more to add than the obvious. The recordings seems much less studio than before and jeff screams much more in japanese as well as standard english. There is a very noticeable hum throughout both sides and the entire session overall feels much more spastic and uncontrolled than before. The songs titles are hilarious and completely random and by the end of the second side, they start screaming maurizio binachi album titles as songs. At one point, both juntaro and jeff start screaming in unison and actually attempt to harmonize their "vocals", totally hilarious. The artwork speaks for itself, provided by junko kato once again.

Catalog: A.I.P.R 03 (AIPR)
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  1. Like with Hanatarash, i cannot get enough of this band.