Wednesday, December 30, 2009

akaaka - Light On Dunhill Lake (2009)

| Ambient | Electronica | Drone |

Light On Dunhill Lake is a single produced digitally by akaaka. The side A is a beautiful blending of ambient music with electronica structures, using samples from a huge variety of songs and non-songs. The atmosphere is very dark and low-pitched, a characteristic that remains on both sides. Side B - A Glimpse Of Light (akaaka mix) - is a remix from an Achromatic Cold song, filled as well with lots of samples. The song acquires a completely different feeling from the original and sounds at the same time both bizarre and beautiful. The reversed sounds are completely frightening and the whole abstract sound-progression, completely outlandish, can affect anyone's mind and produce a pleasing-terror sensing.

Catalog: VB-03 (Velvet Blue Records)

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