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The Cure - Disintegration (1989)

| Gothic Rock | Post-Punk | Alternative Rock |

"I think it's dark and it looks like rain..."

Disintegration is doubtlessly The Cure's Masterpiece (other albums). It's the culmination of all musical directions Robert Smith was pursuing over with The Cure. A darkly seductive, gloomy and emotional album, filled completely of hypnotic and mesmerizing epic songs. With not a single bad song in it, Disintegration stands as one of the most amazing albums ever produced. Recorded on a highly depressive atmosphere, where the band was suffering and almost breaking up, and the member's where having lots of issues with alcohol and drugs, Disintegration is a album that don't disguise its doomed feeling. Smith treats every moment with sadness, crying and tears, even the happy and passionate ones. Every song feels desolate and hopeless, but not in a silly or childish way. The suffering here feels real in every note, every word, and every moment the impression given is that Robert is actually breaking in tears behind the mic.

Every single song here is beyond perfection. Starting with the desolate Plainsong, a huge affair to the feelings and memories that the rain bestow to our hearts. The cymbal rush sounds like little waterdrops, slowly dripping and crashing like tears on the floor. "And the wind is blowing like it's the end of the world".
Pictures of You
is one of the most emotional and romantic songs I've ever listened to. Despite its gloomy and sad atmosphere, it has a very upbeat structure, and the composition stands as beautiful as the lyrics. Always makes me cry. "There was nothing in the world/that I ever wanted more/than to feel you deep in my heart."
Closedown is a very haunted song, and it almost sounds like a suicidal one, though Robert Smith wisely uses abstracted and ambiguous lyrics in order to stride from foolishness or silly sad songs. "I'm running out of time/I'm out of step and/Closing down...".
is one of the most amazing crystals in here. The shorter song, it calls Smiths deepest feelings. A real declaration of utter love. Submitting himself to the special person, who he puts upon a pedestal and claims to be the only happiness he ever found in life, he sings straightly and with the open chest about and only about love. True and completely love. But even this passionate poetry has a very melancholic feeling, and one can always feels the helpless desolation proclaimed here. "I will always love you,/I will always love you."
Last Dance is a song now about the long gone love. A relationship that falls in cracks and shatters into little pieces, slowly, while it's tried to mask the unfulfillment. "I'm so glad you came/I'm so glad you remembered/To see how we're ending/Our last dance together"
Lullaby is one of their gothic-er songs. A beautiful piece of sharp strings arrangement, with sinister whispered vocals and a macabre and terrifying story. "For it's much too late to get away or turn on the light"
Fascination Street holds a very angered feeling, intertwined with a somewhat sensual atmosphere and, of course, broken hearts.
Prayers for Rain
has a very awesome main riff, and is one of the most desperate songs in here. Desolate and gone-lunatic lyrics, in where all hope and hope and sanity is simply destroyed by a suffocating romance. "You fracture me/Your hands on me/A touch so plain/So stale it kills"
The Same Deep Water As You is one of the most beautiful songs of the century. Anger takes place to passion, and though the whole atmosphere is sad and hard to breathe, filled with failings and cracked feelings everywhere, it still clings hard to love. And in spite of everything, "...we shall be together" is singed constantly.
Disintegration then takes the anger back, though this time, the table turns. Smith sings inspiredly as a heartbreaker with no regret. "I never said I would stay to the end" he shouts frenetically.
Homesick has a nice and far guitar, and is the most distant song in the album (in a good way). Although keeping the melancholy still, this song is maybe the lighter in the whole album. "Oh just one more/And I'll walk away/All the everything you win/Turns to nothing today".
Untitled has a very touching synth use, and brings back the self-depreciation and the hopelessness. Despite its upbeat atmosphere, Robert Smith's lyrics and singing keeps the lost love as self-destroying and grief as possible. "Never quite managed the words to explain to you/Never quite knew how to make them believable/And now the time has gone".

"I'll never lose this pain
Never dream of you again"


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