Sunday, September 20, 2009

Melt-Banana - Scratch Or Stitch (1996)

| Noise Rock | Punk Rock | Experimental Rock |

Melt-Banana is a noisecore band from Japan, containing some punk elements: shrieking vocals, overdriven guitars, and one-and-a-half-minute songs. Melt Banana's unique style, however, comes as a result of the distinctly piercing vocals of lead singer Yasuko O., as well as the frenzied, effect-charged playing of guitarist Agata. Searing, intense, and mind-blowing fast are perhaps the first adjectives that come to mind when listening to Melt Banana's music.

"Scratch or Stitch" is one of their best album, filled with energy and electricity everywhere. "Plot In A Pot" is a fucking quick song, where she seems to be yelling "FAPFAPFAP" like crazy ahhaha. "Sick ZiP Everywhere" is maybe the best from the album, filled of guitar-noise and with a monstrously cool bass! "Ketchup-Mess" and "DIG Out!" are other great tunes. In fact, the album is mostly consisting of short 1min songs, so the album feels more like a 'whole' than 'sepate songs'. And this is a crazy (in all aspects) fucking awesome album!

Catalog: GR 34, NUX-D14 (Skin Graft Records, Nux Organization)

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