Sunday, September 13, 2009

Keiji Haino ( 灰野敬二 ) - Execration That Accept To Aknowledge (1993)

| Avant-Garde | Noise Rock | Experimental Rock |

Sometimes noted as "Execration that accept to knowledge", this is one of my favorite records from Keiji (check out Haino's other albums here). A 42min experimentation through improvisation on the guitar. One of his most noisy songs, this is a live record that uses no overdubbing. Just Keiji and his guitar. And that combination does pretty much enough damage.

The first five minutes, especially, contain star-pupil material in the form of white-hot blasts of wide guitar noise, from incredibly high-pitched wails to ultra-low bomb rumbles and sub-aquatic ruptures. The grating feedback rhythms then combines with Haino's wretched vocal expectorations into a raw and dense electric whirlwind. The destruction stops and starts lots of time, but never take long enough for a deep breathe. Once start listening to this harsh mind-blowing track, you will be struck into its volcanic aggression. Execration that accept to Aknowledge is a good name for describing it. This demonic song is far from beautifulness, and that is just fine for Haino's standards.

Catalog: FE-032 (Forced Exposure)
Album overview on Arcane Candy

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