Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hijokaidan ( 非常階段 ) - Romance [1990 reissue] (2006)

| Harsh Noise |

Another one from the harsh-mad-noise Hijokaidan (check previous releases from them here). Romance is even worse than Ferocity of Practical Life. A one track, 77min, of fucking noise. It summarizes this album. This isn't romantic, believe me. Well, you shouldn't even bother with this one. You can't handle it, unless you're a harsh noise addicted, walk far from this record.

If you really like Hijokaidan (well... you don't, but anyway...), this record is a must-have. C'mon, even though no human can stand to this 77min of madness, this is pure beautifulness. I doubt there is anything better to listen when your day was a completely shit. This will make it even worse. Romance is irritating, uncomfortable, unbearable. And that's fine for a Hijokaidan record.

Well, again, don't bother with this one. As I said, this is not reverse psychology. You won't like, nor in anyway enjoy, this album.

Catalog: ARCD-018 (1990 original record) | ARCD-173 (2006 reissue) [Alchemy Records]


  1. Just getting into these guys. Thank you so much. Any chance you have "Unlimited Edition" to share with us?