Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hijokaidan ( 非常階段 ) - Sound Of The Sea (1997)

| Harsh Noise |

Another album from the japanese noise-monster Hijokaidan (check previous releases from them here), this one is a short 7" Vinyl. Well, what to say? Very very very Harsh Noise. Well, Hijokaidan really deserves they reputation. Masami Akita (well, if you don't even know who this guy is, you shouldn't be looking for this cd first of all... anyway, mostly known as Merzbow) is here again, on Drums. That's quiet funny, because underneath all the noise-wall you can barely hear a drum.

This is a quiet (quiet?) fine record. Maybe not one of their best, but still a nice two-tracks short record. Worth listening, for noise fans of course...

Catalog: Xn Recordings 003 (Xn Recordings)

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